This game is superb!

User Rating: 9.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
This game is so much fun to be honest it is the best game i played when it comes to gameplay it is so much fun especially kicking enemies off the roof or to spikes. Swordplay is simply awesome too at first the game was hard as hell but when u get used to it there is no game that is this much fun! As it come the graphics is still think they look very nice apart from some old looking textures i never tried the multiplayer on this game so i can't say anything about it only bad thing is that the game is so damn short and some skills indeed are pretty useless. Overall this game is one of the best maybe even the best game i ever played in my life! I think whoever reads this reviews should go asap nearest gamestore and buy the damn game don't believe the bad reviews!!!

Final verdict
Graphics: 9
Gameplay: 10
Story: 7
Level design: 10