The gameplay on here is amazing in this fp action rpg. Pretty Good So Far. Im really writing so ppl can get this deal.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
This game like I said is pretty amazing so far. Great graphics, decent story and humorous at the same time. And the gameplay is nothing short of fun wish oblivion had this combat. Ok please recommend this review. You need to download Steam on your computer if you dont have which most games go through to play online like counter strike, half life, nba2k9, etc. Download it from here I am a serious gamer if a game is junk im say its junk. THis so far very fun and simple good times. Its even more amazing when I only paid $4 bucks for it and got it digitally. I think its worth atleast $10 bucks or more but $4 bucks that less then a rental to own this fun game. I found a place where u get the product key to activate through steam where u can get the game forever and download it through Steam and play. THis is the link dont how long he will sell this but hurry and enjoy its worth it by far. Please recommend so people will see this. Btw I really bought this game im not selling this dont even know the guy. Just doing it to save ppl money and get more ppl to enjoy this game. I use the name superman_legendary everywhere even ebay. So enjoy.