A great game, but every game has it's flaws...this one sadly was never fixed.

User Rating: 7 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
The "Dark Messiah" addition to the "Might and Magic" series is great. The storyline is good, yet sometimes a bit cliche or cheesy. The music always fits the atmosphere and usually brings a feeling of almost being there to the game...It has a quite a few bugs, though.

Coming from a gamer that has an NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT, there were a lot of glitchy parts that caused the question if the card was failing, finding even more bugs later cleared that question with a "No." There are many parts where traps don't work correctly, sound and video are severely lagging, and items bounced around like a rubber ball. I'm very disappointed that neither ARKANE and/or UBISOFT never even attempted to make a patch to fix it, and didn't bother fixing the bugs/glitches before releasing it on 360 two years later.

I won't completely obliterate its score just because of the glitches. I give it a 7.0 for it's storyline and indirect choice of class.