Provides an amazing storyline but lacks the innovative gameplay. With basic and repetitive attacks itll disappoint many.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements X360
This game has one of the most wonderous storylines i have ever played in a game but the only combat interesting is the magic used in it and even that gets pretty tiresome and somepoint. But anyone can tell that this game has a lot of potential its just lacking that innovation and creativity in the combat system and settings. Once all the graphics are worked out and the combat system rectified this game could have the ability to be one of the big titles. The story line is about a young descible who sets out on a mission to deliver an ancient relic to a a wizard. But as the story begin to unfold revealing that he isnt just any desciple but the son of a great and powerful wizard that is trapped with in a prison and it is his destiny to let his farther out with a powerful relic. Does he free his father or take the power of the relic for himself. You can tell just from this rundown that this game has potential.