A true gamer will not ignore this game!!!

User Rating: 9 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
If you are a true gamer, you are always looking for new and unique experiences. This Might and Magic title will give you a great experience.

I've been a fan of FPS (First Person Shooters) for years, and have also been a fan of fantasy games like Diablo as well. This game is for everyone who enjoys both. Having a fantasy game like this in first person mode brings a larger and more exciting feel to the adventure. In this game you'll fight Orcs, Mages, Goblins, Dragons, and more. The world is immersive and great fun. Don't watch Barbarian movies when you can be the star of one.


*Beautiful and stunning graphics (if you have a 256MB video card or better)

*Save the game anywhere you want- without worrying about starting over from checkpoints.

*Enter a fantasy world in full screen and first person visibility. Combat is more realistic and puts the gamer directly into the action.

*Game is broken down into exciting adventures and twists.

*Super fun physics that allow you to throw rocks and objects at your enemies; kick them off high cliffs and staircases; fires and spikes to kick your enemies into; ambushes where you can break boulder traps or shoot them with your enemies to crush them. The options are almost unlimited in how you can kill and damage your opponents.

*Well designed levels that gradually give you more and more weapons. Ammo such as arrows are easily found throughout. There are also a lot of secret areas to explore and find treasures in.

*Use skill points to enhance your power as a Warrior, Magician, or Assassin.

*An easy interface for organizing your inventory and setting hot keys for quick access. Also, provides complete details and requirements of all your items when you place your mouse over an item.

*Great sound, music, and dialogue.


*The story is acceptable, but not remarkable. The ending and cut scenes seem to be incomplete.

*The enemies sometimes are too easy, and the Artificial Intelligence isn't always so intelligent. For example, it's easy to run from enemies and hide around corners- they forget you were just there.

*I could never get the Multiplayer to work- it would continuosly crash on me.

*A few crashes happened in the single player mode- not as many as Gamespot stated, but a few (about 7 times out of 60 hours of total playing).

*Not setup for replay over and over again- but what game really is?


*Be observant of your surroundings; you can find traps to knock over boulders, barrels, and more things to kill your enemies.

*Use the rope bow anywhere you see wood planks above. You can climb adn access many secret places and items this way.

*Save your game often in case of crashes and after loading screens.

*Shoot enemies with your bow from afar or above. Always aim for the head for more damage.

*Some switches are hard to find- use Gamespot's Game Guide through the tough areas. You can also see walkthrough videos on YouTube.

*As with all shooters, you can drag and drop weapons if your inventory is full (while you walk).


I highly recommend this game for all serious and open minded world challengers. There's not many fantasy games that are first person like this. If you like Morrowind Elder Scrolls, Thief, and other similar games, this will be one of your favorites.

Since we are almost in 2009, and the game was released in 2006, you should be able to find this game for a bargain. If you don't choose this adventure, someone else will get the hot chick at the end of it.