Dissapointed with the reviewers at Gamespot not the game , Dark Massiah is one of the coolest games of 06.

User Rating: 9.3 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
Now im not much of a reviewer, but i have been with gamespot to the end and this recent review of this game is appauling, i mean can you guys actually play the game and not admire the time that went into making this game, the cyclops battle is so sick, you can kill many differnt ways, great use with the source engine, i have to say i enjoy the gamplay over oblivian, only thing oblivion has going for it is that it's big and nice graphics. Dark Messiah rocks, i seriously have always went by gamespy's reviews for games expecially the ones that im going to buy, but this has got to be the worst review in history, it sounds like only one person played it. Now i do agree with the glitches which i have found few so far. I am at teh end of the game, iv only had 2 lock ups, and there is probably a patch coming soon via steam or whatever, but i mean it runs really smooth plays nice, i mean i can't put it down, and i wanted to put oblivion down teh moment i picked it up. I guess gamespot's review i think came to straight down opinion on the score of this game, because i usually see more consistancy in the material they use for refrence in there reviews, and this like some other games, is the worst case of it. But don't let my hate make you not want to play this game, i mean play the demo if your unsure, it's so worth it once you get into it. The class system is great, though i do agree you do alot more thinking in execution, but i think that's the creator's idea is a game that emerses you mentally and physically. If you played oblivion and beat it 100%, and want somethin differnt get this, if you like fantasy you owe yourself to check it out.

My only Complaint in the game is that i wanted more boss battle's, but it still a thrilling game.