Refreshingly different thought at times repetitive and frustrating

User Rating: 6.8 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
Finally, a RPG-styled FPS that leans towards action and mayhem. It felt like a breath of fun fresh air when I started playing this game. Melee combat is engaging, and very exciting. There are plenty of options to dispose of a foe and kicking a goblin off a bridge brings a grin every time! However, I can list the different types of enemies off the top of my head and that list does not stretch very far. So once you get used to the enemies, the combat aspect tends to get tedious. The best the game throws at you to keep it a challenge is to throw a larger number of mobs at you which brings on more tedious hack and slash and sometimes downright frustration. Whereas Oblivion was best served hours at a time, this game is best taken in small sips. Graphics - 9.5: There are some eye popping scenes in this game. The orc cliff village had jaw dropping visuals. The outdoor designs are well done and are beautiful. The indoor dungeons are dark and creepy which give an amazing atmosphere. However, slowdowns are very noticeable at times but the Steam engine is gorgeous and it shows. This game has some of the best graphical environment I've seen to date. However unlike Oblivion, you cant really touch everything you see in the distance.

Gameplay - 6.5: Melee and Archers do not get any new skills to play with so their development throughout the game is minimal. You can play a mixed bag of classes to your liking but only magic users get new spells to play with. Dungeon crawling does get boring at times and whoever decided to put the poison aspect into the game needs to be shot. It is just downright frustrating to go from full health to 4 from getting hit once by any spider. And spiders come in packs... Despite these drawbacks, I found the game to be enjoyable most of the times. I just wished I took it slower.

Longetivity - 5.0: Too short on the single player campaign. The multiplayer aspect is messy.