Dark Messiah is not what i thought it would be but it sure doesn't isn't worth a 6.7 in my opinion.

User Rating: 7.8 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
I won't start telling you how the story goes you can all read it in the Gamespot review. Because of the 6.7 they gave the game i just had to review this one.

Dark Messiah could be best described like Oblivion meets Half Life 2. The game uses the HL2 engine so many things look familiar and at the same time they don't, but the HL2 engine works still fine for me. The oblivion feeling is basically the way how you fight and with what weapons you fight, not the RPG part.

Dark Messiah starts quite nice (after the tutorial i mean), the city you visit is under attack by Necromancers and a huge cyclops. Just like in Half Life 2 you get several nice 'hard' enemies from time to time which is fun ofcourse. The way how you kill your enemies is also very well done which would need some kind of skill to do it right. But there's also the RPG-element in the game. I think you can best describe this game as a FPS (except for the shooting:P) just because there are not many RPG elements in the game. You can earn skill points and give your character better melee skill, magic spells etc. This is quite nice but that's all there really is. The multiplayer doesn't seem very fun but i did not play it much. So who should buy the game? Well i think people who like First Person Shooters with a medieval theme. This game is not for RPG-only lovers. The story is not like in FEAR but it's better than gamespot says. I hope i helped anyone with this little review