At first reminded me of Ultima Underworld

User Rating: 7.7 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
All of us first generation gamers remember Ultima Underworld. When the game first loads up you play a tutorial mission that helps you get acquainted(sp?) with the game. The first thought I had was "Wow, this reminds me of Ultima Underworld." After the tutorial I quickly realised that this game is much more linear than the original types of first person rpg's of the past. You have to follow the pre set path and there really isnt any free roaming as there is in Oblivion. The game is action packed and fun, but it could be better. After playing the game for awhile you get the feel you are playing Tomb Raider because of all the climbing and jumping from ledges you have to do. This game has a mix of everything. The graphics are good but can be choppy at times even on high end systems. This game is worth buying, and will occupy your time while waiting for Neverwinter Nights 2.