Better Than Oblivion!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
I just spent about 20 hours on this game and Have to tell you that this game rocks. If you like oblivion, you will have to get this game. The gameplay is just a walk in the park, one of the best and easyest rpg I have ever played. The Graphics are super good, like playing oblivion or pray but with a better game. I would say Have a 6600 at the lowest for video card. I can hear everthing perfect, so the sound is lovely. Now more into the game, the game has many weapons and armor for you to find, and lots of different things to kill, the majic spells are sweet even knowing I didnt use them much.
I say any one that likes rpg's or loves oblivion get this game. Its a must. Just get the game its worth 50$ all the way. Thanks for readying.