This game is a must. For all RPG, FPS, and Action gamers this game will blow you away. Read on to see why.

User Rating: 9.8 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
First of all, the gameplay is like no other. People say, "Ohh, its like Oblivion with no freeroam, I see." Not by a long shot. In Dark Messiah you actually enjoy the combat, spells look cool and feel cool. (Probably not to the things you're casting them on.) You have actual control over the battle! If you swing at another player he can block according to his skill, not some stupid stat number. You can kick players off high balconies and watch them fall to a grusome death. (They actually scream, if you like that kind of thing.) But the game's not all combat, they mix it up, chase scenes, romance, deception. Everything in a good movie is in this game. The storyline was such a mind twister that sometimes I became so enraptured I forgot it was a game. Now the graphics are another thing, best I have ever seen in a game. I can run it on maximum settings and this game is beautiful, with HDR and anti-aliasing at the same time, this game blows oblivion away. The source engine is awesome for its sweet physics compatibility and the use of objects and traps, reminds me of a rennasance Half-life 2. The sound keeps you in the moment with very realistic swordplay sound and awesome spell explosions. Everything has a sound. Fire burning, boxes breaking, even fire burning a broken box. All in all, this game is almost worth the 50 bucks right off the shelf. (I personally think no game is worth it.) But, this game came as close as I imagined. That's why I give it a 9.9 on Gamespot.