Finally a RPG with fast paced combat system.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
This year I've only seen RPG's where more than 60% of the game play was oriented towards exploring and lots and lots of side quests. ( i.e. Oblivion and Gothic 3). The Gothic 3 combat system sucks totally so I waited for this game like nothing else before, and this game took by surprise all my expectations. The large amount of possibilities to kill your foes gives this game a great repeatability value. The skill system is very short and concentrated, but with such a fast paced action you don't really want to be bugged with a large skill tree. The graphics in these game are astonishing (probably not as great as Gothic 3, but at least this game is totally optimized). I experienced some hard framerate drops in outside areas (actually in only one area but I can't tell you which one in order to avoid spoilers) but this only occurred on high quality settings. So overall, the looks and feels of this game are totally worth it. The game play will exceed any expectations. If you like to collect plants and explore a huge world praying that maybe you'll find a group of foes to destroy then this is not your game.