No no no,thats not QUITE right...

User Rating: 6.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
See,basically these people had in mind a very entertaining game combining adventure,action,magic and RPG stuff. But somewhere they went wrong,one by one.
The thing you'll notice first in this game is that you're an apprentice of a Sorcerer,sent on a mission to recover some skull from some realm from some other sorcerer. Same ol' story,same tried formula. Thats still fine. Where it hits the wall is where they fail giving an RPG feeling to a RPG game. You can't select dialogues,cant change costume,and hell,even the character upgrade isn't all quite well done either. You dont get that feeling of becoming more powerful with the progressing game,which you should.
Combat is fun actually-to a point.Melee dominating,you'll have a few swords,axes,staffs and daggers at your disposal,each with its pros and cons.
Magic element in the game is neat,but not powerful.The spells you can master are pretty basic ones,but useful. If you can effectively switch between physical and magic damage-inflicting moves quickly,combat will become the best feature of the game.
Graphics and good. Shaders and Resolution maxed out you'll get a great feel of the Might and Magic universe.
So,even though the game has the elements,its failure to combine them in right proportions and polish makes it pretty boring after about 6 hours.
Go for it just to check the new things and the feel.Completing it requires another form of determination alltogether.