My first RTS game ever, and even now the Graphics are still pretty nice.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dark Colony PC
how to describe dark colony.... its hard, but I will try, dark colony was one of my first RTS games on PC I got it back in the nineties and to tell you the truth the game blew my mind away.

I was addicted to it, I spent over 1000 hours on it, missions and skirmishes, the game atmosphere is unparalleled rarely IF EVER do you see an RTS that scares the willies out of you, as you discover the dark land scape of Mars.

the story is pretty good and the combat is loud, bright, and gory, just the way I like it, and cut sense are plenty.

when I saw the intro movie I was like "OMFG HELL YAH", you will love it.

ok lets make a list:

1-graphics are amazing for a 90s game.

2-sound is amazing, with pretty cool shooting and artillery sounds.

3-tons of missions to enjoy :)

4-tons of skirmish maps.

5-alien artifacts are great.

6-lots of cut scenes

7-great story

8-great atmosphere.

the only gripe I have about this game is that the races (human and grey) are only different in unit shape, which is great in its own right, BUT at the core the units have pretty much the same role, artillery for humans is like the poop thrower for the grey and so on.

I wish if the races were different like star craft, as in, in shape AND roles.

nonetheless, the game is worth playing, man if you have not played this back in the 90s you missed out on a great experience

btw who is the tard that reviewed this game for game spot??!!