Slugging through the miserable gameplay to watch the next cut scene.

User Rating: 6 | Dark Colony PC
Dark Colony has to be one of the most atmospheric and spooky science fiction RTS around, with its brilliant and scary FMV depicting a gruesome battle between humanity and the grey. This game actually made me respect the enemy units a lot. However, in spite of this setting, there isn't much else that the game does do right.

The most obvious problem seems to be the pacing. All units move very slowly, and it takes forever to get somewhere. Secondly the fights last much too long, as units take slug after slug after slug. Although you know how the battle will finish, you still have to pace yourself while the units trade blows for eternity. Then there are the added constraints of only being able to build bases on available platforms, and the fact that both sides have completely different units that unfortunately mimic each other 100%. Apart from the graphics and naming conventions, there is no difference in playing human or grey. Great for balance, bad for the fun factor since it makes the choice of side purely cosmetic.