Humans vs. Sectoïds... always a sure shot !

User Rating: 8.1 | Dark Colony PC
Dark Colony is a game generally underestimated. This game came way before Starcraft and consists in the first real RTS game in space, facing the powerful humans against the prevailing Sectoïds. The backgrounds for this game were splendid showing deserted planets with black sky and grey canyons, surrounded by meteor crater. The graphics were also completely insane for this time. Finaly, the sounds were realistic and helping to get you deeper into the game. I remember playing this game in a total dark room with headphones on my head. Playing Dark Colony was like a continuous discovery for me.

Also, you can extract really powerful artefacts for the ground and use those to totally dissipate an enemy troop. Those artefacts are really cool to use and must be used strategically since you can only have one per game.

Anyway, in 2006, it is maybe a little late to discover this game, but still, I wanted to review this game for GS.