Very under-rated game that deserves much more credit that it is giving. Any RTS fan should check this game out!

User Rating: 8 | Dark Colony PC
Dark Colony was made in 1997 by the Developer's GameTek, which don't create games anymore. Dark Colony is a futuristic Strategy game which you can play with either Humans or the Gray. The Humans are from the planet Earth which is pretty obvious and they battle against the Gray (Aliens) from Mars. Dark Colony values great gameplay and it is very fun to play online with a few friends.

Dark Colony's Gameplay which won't appeal to everyone and takes a long time getting used to the game, it will appeal to most hardcore strategy fans. IMO the gameplay in Dark Colony is the best thing about the game, there are huge battles and the comp is very challenging in the single-player. In Dark Colony you have to get gas at these gas holes and you must defend it. (don't know the correct name) However when they get destroyed your money goes up very slowly, and may take awhile to get another. You can choose whether you play as the Humans or the Gray. They are both fun to play as. The best thing about this game is playing online, however you must know friends who owns this game and you must know there IP Adresses when playing online. I have a few friends that I play online with and it is very fun! Although you don't get records or anything, We play for fun.

The Graphics for this game is just amazing for it's time, The blood, explosions etc. are just awesome during gameplay. When you play single player campaign there are cut-scenes and the cut-scenes graphics are the best for that time period. Just simply awesome graphics!

The sound in Dark Colony is another which makes this game feel the way it does and gives good gaming expeirence. The soundtrack, which is only 4 songs, are very good and I even listen to them quite a bit on Windows Media Player. Anyways the gameplay sounds when you play, there isn't very much music but the sound effects and little things you hear off distances is very neat. When there is a battle like on the other side of the map, you can hear it off from a distance. I found that pretty cool. The sounds that the Humans and Gray does are awesome, the sound of guns going off and explosions were very well done for it's time.

This game may not appeal to some people, but it is a very under-looked game that got a low score from GameSpot that I don't agree with. Very fun to play online, and if you happen to have the game please PM me! Or if you don't got it and can find it in stores, 1.99$ is well worth your buy! If you can't find it in stores you can download the full game at my site -