User Rating: 7.5 | Dark Colony PC
When Dark Colony came out it was slated badly in reviews, but it is actually quite a fun game if abit limited.

Its set in the future were humans have terraformed mars and discovered a new energy source called Petra 7. They're about to colonise but find aliens (classic 'greys') called the Taar trying to claim the world for their own.
And thus a ridiculously bloody war breaks out.

Dark Colony is very violent, each victory cut scene pretty much has a dead body in there somewhere, and if you ever had the fortune to watch the intro sequence, you'll undoubtadely remember it easily one of the best intro's to agame ever and sets the tone of the game perfectly.

The graphics at the time were very good, 2d but detailed however playing today they dont look quite as pretty but 2d graphics have their charm and hold up MUCH better in the long run than 3D graphics, the major problem with the graphics however are the animations are quite slow.
There's vapour trails from missiles, light effects from guns/plasma weapons, the explosions look good even today and the day to night cycle (one of the first in a RTS game) was done very well too.

The gameplay was solid, it was fun if abit limited due to there being only 2 factions humans and aliens. and they were pretty much identicle except huamsn afunction better during the day and aliens at night, human 'SARGE' units throw napalm wereas the alien equivelent throws a biological weapon and the alien commander calls in a spaceship to abduct a few men in the battle field wereas the human counterpart boosts the moral of the men nearby in a fight. This did hamper the games gameplay taking balance too far creating what is effectively two clones but one is given a different skin. However it still prooved to be a fun game with an interesting story and you would be rewarded with a different movie sequence after each level.

The sound in the game was pretty decent, standard voices in game, better in the movie sequences , good battle sounds and the music wislt good was limited to four tracks, barely sufficient no matter how good the tracks were.

Value, id say this game was worth getting when it came out, and if you played the game then Id recommend getting it again for nostalgia. You can get it from http://www.thedarkcolonyfansite.tk/ .
Dark Colony was a fun game back in 1997 and its still a fun game today it in no way deserved to be lambasted like it was back when it was released.