it is a doom clone but don't get me wrong it is still fun

User Rating: 7.3 | Dark Arena GBA
doom has never seen anything like this it is a great addition to the series oh wait this isn't a doom game it is dark arena it might be a clone not as fun as doom but still noot a bad game it is old school fun it is intense you solve puzzles kills hoards of enemies and even probably kill yourself tons of times because the game is a little hard but somehow (trade secret) i did beat this game in like 12 hours and all of it was intense fun.

Gameplay well it is doom and totally copied so nothing original but you are in a cool marine looking GIRL i think it's a girl that's new so it is like halo with doom-like action and doom-like enemies

Graphics they look like counter strike(which is bad) but it is for GBA so i don't care because nothing looks that great on GBA


Value a good 12 hours-ish if you want to beat the highly addicting but challenging story it isn't that long but the combination of challenging puzzles and super intense and hard action makes the game hard but hard games as long as they are fun fuel me on plus i think the game is like 10 bucks ish so any doom fan should get it

Tilt probably the best doom-clone on GBA it is fun challenging and intense! but the diffivculty dosen't mean it's a bad game definately worth a shot