Dark Arena is well disguised, it only wishes to provide the GBA with a decent shooter and infact does the job wonderful

User Rating: 7 | Dark Arena GBA
It's been a while since we've had a Doom clone. However Graphic State fills the long gap with it's unexpected 2.5 D shooter, Dark Arena. So for the most part, this game is pretty fun. The graphics, while basic in some areas, look impressive in others. The use of pseudo 3D visuals are good, especially since this game is on the weaker side of gaming.

The frame rate also runs at a constantly good speed with very little slowdown or pop-up. So Dark Arena does good in that area too. And the gameplay itself is functional to say the least. We have all the expected weaponry in a shooter here. The big bad enemies, the small enemies and general baddies throughout. Even the control feels solid

However issues show up in the signs of poor sound. The music in Dark Arena is upsettingly poor - poor in that the quality is poor and that it isn't memorable. The vast majority of the game is quiet, there are bleeps with the sound effects, mumbles of the enemies, but nothing that is unique. it is neither poor poor nor spectacular, so it's average overall.

Also, just addressing that the graphics aren't perfect, some places have poor textures, or no textures at all. This is pretty killer because Dark Arena nails all other areas right on the head, including lighting. Although once again, there is another graphical issue, this time in the animation, with frames of enemies either being too fast, too slow or under-developed.

But despite this, there are few other issues. The length of the game is more than adequate and the feeling of Dark Arena will be a good one. So I say, try this game. Dark Arena is a well disguised game that only wishes to provide the GBA with a decent shooter, and it does very well to do so.