Dark Arena

User Rating: 8.1 | Dark Arena GBA
this is one of the best game boy games on the gba write now. Now i really love first person shooters but this takes the cake. I am a huge fan of doom and Duke Nukme and This game dark arena gives you that. Now the bad thing about this story line is that the sound sucks and there is no music.

The story line is a bit confusing. All i really Know about the story is that there are aliens escaped from a place that area 51 or something like that. Ok the story line is complete its task of suck. But mmost of the other stuff is good.

the graphics are amazing on The gba. i was outstanded my face drop to the floor. the Aliens and mosters look very really. and it is preety cool that they can do that with game boy. and by the way this is the first FPS on the game boy adavance. Even thought they are making more games this one still looks the best .

The gameplay is slow and fast . Its hard to describe. there are over many weapons in the game such as the shootgun. The pistil. the rocket luncher and many other great guns. the stupid thing thought was yuo could not aim you could only look back and forth.

The Value of the game was great. They even gave you multiplayer so you and your friends can play. They give you a map to show you the area in the game. there is anough ammo for world piece. The thing thought i hate the most is when you get a good score and beat the level you cant save. That is a load of bull.

I have to say thought this game is great i am not recomanded it to anyone because of the down falls this game has. Althought i do recomand it to doom fans and FPS fans that want there game protable.