I came, I saw, I got a little bored after a while!

User Rating: 7.5 | Dark Arena GBA
Dark Arena is a decent FPS offering for the GBA.

First Person Shooters on the GBA come in 2 flavors, good, and not so good.
This one kinda falls in between...

Graphically it's BEAUTIFUL, pre rendered 3D stuff, detailed weapons, special effects, and the like, though some wall textures do get overused, there is no denying that this game is very easy on the eyes!

Game play wise the game is fine, standard FPS layout, B opens doors, A shoots, L/R strafe, etc. The game offers a big selection of weapons, including a guided missile launcher where you control the missle from it's point of view even changing the elevation! some of the levels feel kinda half baked, and repetitive, there is NO saving, this is annoying, instead you get passwords between levels, why? Your gets is as good as mine.

Sound, the game is kinda ok in this department, the main character is a woman but for some reason when injured she sounds like a guy.
But the sounds are adequate enough to be passable.

In the end the game has no replay value, and they pull a very nasty trick, the game is difficult on easy, and you get a BAD ending unless you beat it on Hard. But you're not gonna wanna go all the way through it after you beat it once.

There are worse games to spend your money on, but consider this one a last resort...