Still a great game;

User Rating: 10 | Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles PC
In my opinion, DAoC beats WoW w/better graphic, variety of monsters&races, innovative quests&craft _but still its hard for beginners
It's great game; w/ lots of different ways you can choose from to build up your character - but beware- You should specialize early - or you'll get lost in the freedom to choose - weaponry ; crafting branch ; tactics in combat... and you get only a certain amount of points to pick... The great variety of explorable areas, defeat able monsters, doable quests, makes even good 'single play' with the occasional team up...
I'd also like to mention the housing areas there, where each guild/each player can build up its own house, stocked with items, merchants, other stuff like the tools for the variety of crafting abilities available, like wood crafting, alchemy, tailoring, metal working and more....

In the beginning, it's OK for now there's a long tutorial available for important things in game, the rest you'll explore on your own/w a guild

Still a lot of players are online at any time... well, you won't see many, because of the 3 realms you can choose from and the wide-scaled different exploring areas.

Minor loading times occur by entering housing and dungeon areas as well as dungeons.