Great Realm VS Realm (player VS player) game. Exelent

User Rating: 9.3 | Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles PC
Daoc has been out for a long time now. While some expansions where not that great, Mythic worked to fix these issues (even if it took them a long time).

Fighting style- awesome... you choose your target walk up to it and attack. When you level up you get powerful skills that add dmg, add effects, and so on. Game takes some skill when fighting... you block you can pull of styles to stun... some mobs you have to kite...

PvP... the best in any game to date. While DAOC started the PvP was random... you would get into big fights with the other realm... 60 vs 60... massive fights... as the game progressed it became more about 8 vs 8 and sometimes 8 vs as many as you could take.

PvP along with the awesome fighting style simply made this game Fun to play. Along with frustrating at times. Population balance has always been an issue with DAOC.

Lots of Mobs, lots of weapons, armor and so on. Because DAOC is a MMO the updates made this a long lasting game.

Very well done. This is my thanks for many years of game play.