Nine Circle Of Hell Where we all be there soon

User Rating: 8 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen PS3
No one can stop comparing this game with GOD OF WAR
lets forget GOW because if we want to compare it we have to compare it with GOW 2.
dante inferno is amazing game where ive enjoyd each second killing demons and Glutons and more.
the game is not easy its my only game on 22 ps3 own games that i had to change the option from normal to easy in final boss.
as allways i search for mistakes,well first mistake is the graphics its not like the main cut scene.there is 4 cut scenes in the game as special cut scene. the quality is great but the gameplay graphics is much lower then the cutscene. other games like GOW 3 and MGS4 you play all the game with same graphics.
well here nooop
gameplay is fun but there is that i didnt like it, its the upgrade...
the upgrade is not upgrade,, i mean you dont upgrade your weapon in the game you only buy new moves and the new moves is not very strong to end the game on normal..
story is amazing i cant say anything wrong about it and am big fan of divine comedy.
am very sure that EA will rock with dante inferno 2.
if you like GOW will u will enjoyyyyy this not love only enjoyyyyy