The PSP version of Dante's Inferno is not bad, and probably worth getting on your hands.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dante's Inferno PSP
When i heard of Dante's Inferno was coming out i was like "Come on! Don't f**k up something based on a poem, which was important to read!" Basically, i thought it was gonna suck, i was 85% wrong.

I was in Best Buy, looking for a new PSP game, and then i found Dante's Inferno. I've played it over a friends house on the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3, and those ports were good, on the PSP, it's still not bad.

For a PSP game, the games graphics are not fantastic, but there not terrible either, there good graphics, compared to the 360/PS3 graphics, of course there the best since they're on a console port, while this is on an handheld, the cutscenes however are identical to the console ports cutscenes, but they are done very well with perfection, and Dante's Inferno has the best Graphical Looking Cutscenes of All Time in my Opinion, there better than Munchs Oddysee.

The gameplay is a similarity to God of War(duh) which is more enjoyable to pick up and play, there are some flaws in the gameplay as well, when you dodge/block an attack, sometimes you'll get hit automaticly, also once you first play it, you're the first to get damage by a bunch of peasant type people, the difficulty is usually average/hard, because of one major problem: CHEAP DEATHS, for example, once you r on a platform, about 5 seconds later, the platform will just fall down, also, if your are not accurate enough while jumping on a platform, you'll go down. You know what i mean?

Like an action beatemup, theres allways a few puzzles, the puzzles are way too easy, and will get boring doing these puzzles after a while. Dante's Inferno however has some really-good boss fights, not kidding, epic and over the top, i like it. Like God of War, theres allways an Icon which you can do some Quick Time events. Dante's Inferno has that too, only difference, not so much. Theres also an upgrade system in Dante's Inferno, also like God Of War.

The music is down-right superb, though in the PSP version, the music can sometimes be edited poorly, it sometimes skips, you know, like playing a record. And also takes a second for the music to start up. br />

The Level design is at first, akward/what the heck? It's like some guy threw in a bunch of random platforms, and enemy-fights at random, the scenary for the game is Fantastic, and looks a lot like Hell, not that i ever been there, or anything. The nine circles of hell, is by the way, really good, its basically the worst sins you can possibly imagine(Lust, Greed, Heresy, and so forth) But some of the ememys in Lust, show in Anger as well, and some of enemys from Greed show up Heresy. Whats up with that?

The controls are quite the same from God of War, Square and Triangle are Attacking the X button is to jump, and Circle is for a special weapon. L & R, is to Block/Dodge. R is also to activate quick times events, doors savepoints etc.

Overall, the look, combat, graphics in Dante's Inferno for the PSP, is not that bad, and let me tell you something for the Big God of War fans out there, this may be copying God of War, but it's not as bad as some of the God of War clones i played. The PSP version of Dante's Inferno is not bad, heck, even the console versions are not bad, and probably worth getting on your hands.

SCORE- 7.4/10