Dante's Inferno

User Rating: 9 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen PS3
Many people don't know this, but before this game was even created, there was a film of Dante's Infeno, which was unknown to me when I was buying the game at the time. However, depending on the pack of the game you purchased whether the orginal or death edition, you would have needed to buy the death edition to receive an included bonus disk, which tells you of how the game was made, and the film.

From the moment I started playing, the game so far is amazing. The fighting and wave movement system, makes your attacks rapid towards the minions of hell. Of course, to complete the game, you are required to travel through all nine circles of hell, and rescue your wife whom, at the start of the story is captured and taken by an evil voice of death.

If playing the game for the first time, do not be fouled when attacking the hell master. During defeat the game tells you to press R2, you do so. However it then tells you to move what looks like the analogue stick. I can tell you now, that it is not the analogue stick, but the circle button. For several hours I was stuck on this, thinking to myself ' this game has a glitch'.

All and all though this game should be one on your shelf