Dante's Inferno has it's ups and downs

User Rating: 7.5 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen X360
The good things first. The storyline in Dante's Inferno isn't too bad at all. The cut scenes are well-made but graphical in terms of nudity. It doesn't have a dry point in it and goes pretty smoothly in terms of vocals and plot. The characters I feel were decent. The game has short flashbacks that capture Dante's past and they focus on the mistakes he made that lead him to, ultimately, become a pretty sinful person. At first, you're not sure what kind of life he lived, but the character develops quite nicely overtime. From a visual standpoint, the game was adequate. Sound quality wasn't anything to boast about but wasn't bad. The various enemies are fun and the talent trees are enjoyable to climb. Some points in the game, you will run into a fight that requires different tactics from what you prefer. Whether it be ranged attacks, aerial attacks, or up close and personal. It forces you to go outside your normal hack and slash routine and it broadens combat. The relics, stones, and lost souls are fun to find, collect, and either damn or save. Camera angles are done nicely as well.

So why did I rate this game just "good"? There are noticeable faults with the game. I have to disagree with others when they rate the overall flow of the game poorly. That's not what did it in in my opinion. What did it in is the fact that the game is pretty hard. When it comes to jumping to various pieces of terrain to get from area to area, it can be difficult and tiresome. You will run into some trouble and it does break the game at certain points. Especially when you are forced to repeat a few minutes of gameplay with each death. It does add a lot of length to the game though since you can't just run nonstop through it. I was a little disappointed to find out an achievement isn't placed for "zealot" difficulty which is the normal difficulty. It does pose a greater challenge than easy and I feel like it deserved one. Start to finish though, it's not too bad. Also, it's a button masher. I personally don't like button mashers but that gives me no reason to incorrectly rate this game.

Bottom-line. If you're a fan of Dante's Inferno, the book, I wouldn't approach this game for that sole reason. If you like the faith aspect of the book, that part does carry over to some degree. There's a spin to it though. If you don't like the combat or the plot, I'd stay away. But if you're looking for a different adventure game that's unique and mysterious from a plot standpoint, a fun combat system, and you have an open mind, pick up a copy or rent one and give this a try. It's definitely worth at least a single play-through.