One of the best Hack and Slash of the last times.

User Rating: 9 | Dante's Inferno X360
Dante's Inferno had everything to be just a generic God of War, but it is not, even with very similar gameplay, the plot is totally different, the story is based on the Divine Commedia book by Dante Alighieri, but there were many changes, more obviously to To be adaptable to the game, with a lot of action, the game has moments in CGI that are incredible, the initial scene of the game for example is very well done, the gameplay is very well fluid, even not responding as perfectly as God of War or Devil May Cry, and the Boss visually are incredible, more in the matter of difficulty the last boss for example is not so difficult, but has very difficult parts in the game, has several skills, and it depends on your path, in the game you will find Lost souls, and you must choose between sending her or sending you to the depths of hell, and among these souls you will find many people who really existed, such as Judas, Dante's Inferno is excellent Lens, good gameplay, good graphics, very good plot, one of the best Hack and Slash of the last generation. Note 96