Non stop enjoyment

User Rating: 8 | Dante's Inferno PS3

Dante's Inferno may be thought of as a God of War rip-off. And it is. In many ways. But just like its predecessor, there is still a lot of fun to be had.

The story is a simple one. You are on a quest for revenge for the death of your family and have to delve into the bowels of hell to get it! Along the way, you fight a range of different demons, most of which are dealt with by mashing buttons. This can often get old in other games, ie the more recently released Lollipop Chainsaw, but it doesn't here. You are equipped with a small range of different magic spells that help you defeat the more difficult demons, collecting XP to increase your attributes.

In order to collect XP, you need to help different souls find salvation, either by sending them to heaven....or hell. Doing so will allow you to take their souls which convert into XP. Choosing the more cheerful approach will take longer due to the fact that you have to play a mini game which involves you having to press a particular button that corresponds with what is on screen. You have to do this for 30 seconds at a time. Of course, as always, the further you get the more tougher this mini game becomes.

Although a game made in 2010, the graphics are great here and are some of the best seen on the PS3! Most visually impressive are the cut scenes. There is plenty of life like detail to be seen and you can see the emotions and expressions on the faces of the characters quite clearly.

As a reward for completing the campaign you get to go through the whole thing again with your upgrades that you collected in your original play through to give the game more entertainment value. Campaign length should last at least a few days, obviously depending how long your play sessions are.

Whether you are a God of War fan or not, Dante's Inferno deserves to be given a fair shot. After all, there are many games out there that follow the same structure.

Grab it!