to hell and back

User Rating: 8 | Dante's Inferno PS3

i finally got around to playing Dante's Inferno on the PS3 last summer. it's a 3rd person hack-and-slash game. You play as Dante who is based on the famous medieval poem "The Divine Comedy". In this game he is a Knight Crusader who travels ino the dephts of hell in attempt to rescue his girlfriend. There are 9 circles in hell, each one themed after a mortal sin. You'll be hacking and slashing through hell's demons in all shapes and forms. you can perform finishing moves on them. You get points for this, which you can you use to level up Dante an give him many magical powers. Each circle has a boss-character of epic proportions. There's also some minor puzzle solving, cutscenes and famous condemned people to mix things up. The graphical style is realy nice for a ps3-game. It's very gothic. the music is also great. just what you would exspect from an epic tale of vengeance and redemption.

after beating the game you can do it again, all leveled up. but, then again, why would you?