Has great story line and production values but lack of checkpoints renders this game from being great.

User Rating: 7.5 | Danger Girl PS
The Good: Feels just like the comics, interesting story, great voice acting and animations

The Bad: Feels too much like a rip off of Syphon Filter, no checkpoints completely kills the experience, some lock on issues make combat difficult

I just ran across this game so I decided to check it out and it's a great game! Most sexy T&A games are complete crap but this was surprisingly good. It's and obvious rip off of Syphon Filter though because this came out shortly after it. The controls are almost exactly the same and it even kind of looks the same. It's Syphon Filter for dumb blondes! The story line is really great and you really do feel like you're playing the comic but that lack of checkpoints makes this game so hard. The game is hard enough as it is with the somewhat finnicky camera and auto lock on. The voice overs are good and the production values are very high. It just really makes you mad when you die at the last objective and you have to start all over again...it's a real bummer. If you can stomach the difficulty then pick this up!