The Ultimate in detective crime horror!! A psychological marvel that is SOOO underrated!!

User Rating: 10 | Danganronpa 1-2 Reload PS4

Danganronpa 1-2 Reload is a classic 2 game in 1 compilation that brings 2 amazing PS Vita/PC titles to the PS4 for the first time. It is a must have for anyone wanting to try something new or for any fan of JRPG or any other Japanese game fan. It is a brilliant and psychological thinking game that will leave its lasting toll on a players psyche. While the game itself may not offer much on the gameplay aspect of things, it far makes up for that with its overall and lasting experience.

I'll begin with Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc. A classic detective psychological thriller that makes its setting a high school where only "special" students may attend. Hopes Peak Academy is this popular academy where only "ultimate" superior students who are the absolubest at their own specific ability. For instance, included in this title are students such as the Ultimate Baseball Player, the Ultimate Pop Star,& the Ultimate Martial Artist. Each student who will attend all have their own special trait at which they excel over the competition at. You will play as the protagonist, Makoto Naegi, who it would appear is the Ultimate Lucky Student. The game works sort of like a narrative, and demands you watch its various many cutscenes to progress through the game. You will read the texts that pop up on each screen and when given the option, you will point and click on areas of interest to gather more info. As it is quickly found out when starting your game, something is not quite right. Not only are the situations you continuously are faced with growing weirder and more perilous as the days go by, you soon realize that you and the other students attending this "school" may have been picked for a whole entirely different reason and that you all may be a part of a psychopath's twisted game to have you and the other students murder one another. And not only that, your every move is being monitored by security cameras and a stuffed bear named Monokuma, an evil and sadistic antagonist who claims to be the headmaster, is steadily providing you and your classmates with sinister motives to kill each other and go home and away from the increasing dangers that lurk within the secrets buried behind the academys' walls. Like I said earlier, gameplay may remain centered around the central plot, the characters and their realistic humanity engraved within them mixed in with the element of guessing who killed who turns into a unforgettable tale only Japan's finest minds could conceive. It is amazing the twists and turns this story will end up taking, if at times a little far-fetched, yet it is easily one you should not miss. Throw in the bonus of collecting coins and gift giving to friends to unlock abilities to help you through class trials and you got yourself a all in all classic in every essence of the word. Trigger Happy Havoc is a blast.

Let us now turn our attention to the sequel released years after the first, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair! It is even more ambitious and offers more gameplay options than Trigger Happy. This time around, you control Hajime Hinata, a seemingly average student who awakens on a beach resort. After discovering that himself and some other Ultimate classmates are trapped on scenic island, he and the others soon find themselves pawns in the clutches of Monokuma, the indestructible evil stuffed bear from the 1st game. Also joining the fray this time around is Monomi, the very feminine stuffed rabbit fairy princess who claims that she is merely an instructor on this school trip and wishes nothing but for you students to cling to hope and discover these "forgotten memories" that the students all have in common. So, without further ado, the game plays much like the first with point and click system being at the front. This time around, not only will you be forced to watch as Monokuma forces the students murder each other and then make the remaining classmates participate in a class trial to find out who the culprit is and ultimately execute the guilty party, but you will also be tasked in uncovering the islands secrets and its ties to Hopes Peak Academy and what binds you all to this particular school trip. I A gme of mystery and intrigue and the brilliant dialogue and detective themed gameplay proves its genius by providing thrilling twists and developments in the plot and a cast of colorful unique characters who seem to be battling real life complications. The sinister and dark atmosphere infused with the fun and witty humor make this a must play as well just like its predecessor. After completion, (just like with the first) you have even more reasons to replay the game and collect more unlockables.. One of the most enthralling and addictive storylines to become intertwined with. To make it easier for all to understand, this game compilation is a gem that is far too easily and quickly overlooked for more household material named games that probably do not hold a candle in terms of ambition and creativity. A MUST PLAY!!!I can remember on several occasions getting chill bumps sent running down my arms at the intense and mentally fear-induced scenes where nothing is as it seems. The dark and graphic tone are made all the more real by the AWESOME soundtrack that is easily one of the most original and pitch perfect melodies that games have become known to offer!! A classic in every essence of the word!!