Keep on dancing!

User Rating: 8.5 | Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2
Like the other PS2 DDR games, this mix contains a few old songs, as well as a ton of new ones. Sakura, one of the most popular songs makes the track list this time. The red 'boss songs' are also back up to the normal insane difficulty- the previous version DDR Extreme 1's boss songs were not hard like red songs should be- and until the release of DDR Supernova, the Challenge level of '290' was the hardest song ever made, with over 600 steps. Gameplay 10- the standard DDR gameplay formula is back, with modes to help beginners and extra challenging modes to dancing pros.
Graphics 8- better quality of music videos than the previous version
Sound 10- Some of the most popular DDR songs are on this disc
Value 8