Playing DDR from when I was very young, this game has made a 180 in my life. I have lost 40 pounds in 9 months!

User Rating: 10 | Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2
Dance Dance Revolution is a great game.

The following review is for people that know the basic premise of the game. I would not like to explain the same stuff that the other reviews say.

This version of DDR has a great song selection and it is my personal favourite. With songs like Sakura and other heart racers, this disc keeps me going and going for hours on end.

I play at home with metal mats. The modes in this game are spectactular.

Dance Master Mode puts you through lots of songs starting out on Beginner and moves toward heavy and challenge. Some missions could be as simple as completing the song without dying, or getting a certain number of perfects, great and so on.

The free play mode is great because you don't need to play 3 stages and then start the game again, instead, you can just keep going if you fail a song.

There's alot of old fashioned and new ddr music in the game, as well as Get Busy by Sean Paul, Crazy in Love, I'm a genie in a bottle and other american hit songs.

You can play in advanced mode which has endless mode and also courses that you can buy in the shop.

While playing songs, you will receive one point from each successful arrow. This is not your score, these are like dollars to purchase songs, courses, outfits for characters and such that you unlock form Dance Master Mode.

The replay value is highly superior to the other DDR games because the Dance Master mode kept me busy and still is for more than 40 hours. Right now I have all the songs bought and theres a good amount of hard, fast, slow, techno, trance, mexican, traditional, you name it.

I first tried DDR when I was 7-8, I'm 14 now. I played it in an arcade where I live and it was crowded by about 50 asian people. The first time I tried it was on DDR revolution 3rd mix, I did the 1 foot song and I failed miserably.

The crowd laughed and put me down I think, but I kept going back up and started to get the hang of it.

Since then, I've gotten much better, but also my whole life, I've been overweight. Kids made fun of me, I couldn't keep up with kids alot younger than me and my self esteem was just poor and useless. I felt like a voodoo doll that was being controlled by someone.

But all of that has been completely reversed. I started playing DDR at home with some metal mats I bought and since september 05, I have been eating healthier with hardly any trans or saturated fats. Hardly any bad sugar. Cut out pizza, pop, and all that !@#$ and I set my mind forward to lose weight. Playing roughly 1-2 hours everyday, I started to lose immense amounts of weight.

I was 180 and about 5'2 and now I am 139.5 and 5'6. This game has truly changed my life. I self motivated myself without help from my parents or anybody else and I am so proud of the things that I did.

The odds for me wasn't looking good before. I could've easily developed cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other fatal diseases.

I am tell you this story and game review because I want to tell EVERYBODY, whether if you male or female, white or black, tall or short, popular or unpopular that if your overweight and unhealthy, I wanna tell you that you really can do the impossible!

It takes alot of motivation and will power, but I beleive in you, whoever is reading this. I want to thank KONAMI for producing one of the greatest video games and exercise tools on earth, it has truly changed and also SAVED my life. Thank you very much.

Keep your heads up! message me in Gamespot Mail if you would like to say anything regarding me story.

Hope to have inspired many of you.

This game is completely worth buying, and it doesn;t even feel like exercise.