DDR: Extreme 2's comes loaded with awesome new songs. It also comes with the remix of "Genie in a Bottle". Argh...

User Rating: 8.3 | Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2
DDR: Extreme 2 promised players a whole new DDR experience. Not only would you have over 70 songs to play, but you can play them ONLINE. Sadly, this game seems so uninspired and lacking in many of it's features.

This DDR came out with a new mode: "The Dance Master Mode". Not only it presents many challenges for DDR players, but it also provides a new system of unlocking songs and other features. It is slow at first as you have to start with slow and easy songs but the challenge grows to near impossibility near the end. But when you unlock a song, you have to then buy it with points you earn after completing songs both in the "Dance Master Mode" and the "Free Mode". To me at least, this seemed like an unneeded middle step keeping me from playing my song. I'm the type of DDR player who wants all the songs now so I can invite five friends over and play Dance Dance until someone goes home in a ambulance (or funeral procession). The "Dance Master Mode" did though keep me from getting bored of the game quickly but at the same token, made me have destructive thoughts from having to repeat a challenge for the fourty-second time.

Next, the most important subject to the DDR player, the quality of the songs. I have to say, unlike the other DDR's I own (DDR MAX and DDR: Extreme), the number of great songs was generous. Many players might recongize some favourites like "Cartoon Heroes" by Barbie Young or "Captain Jack" by, well, Captain Jack. However, in true DDR fashion, you get your share of horrible songs to which you might find undanceable (as in you refuse to dance them), a headache and maybe offensive to one's taste in music. These songs might include: "Get Busy" by Sean Paul or "Genie in a Bottle" by Stephen Kipner (?). Don't be fooled though, DDR: Extreme 2 is the best if your looking for song quality.

The last topic I'm going to cover is the online mode. Your probably thinking "Online for DDR? I'm going to faint! Catch me Jerry!" but when you try it, your going to be unplesantly surprised. Really, all you do is play single games against someone who could be playing at a lower level than you. You can't choose who you play against, it's randomly selected. You can't choose what song you play, it's randomly selected. You can't even enforce people to play with the pad, they could just use their controllers. In my own experience, I disliked it as I played against someone who happened to get a AAA* score on a heavy song. It's not much fun if someone can do the song COMPLETELY perfect. That's not even competition anymore.

Finally suming it all up:
Gameplay: 8
It's still DDR. It's loaded with great songs. It's the only game that you'll never be able to fully master.

Graphics: 6
You got weird (and probably drug-induced) backrounds and some strange dancers whose faces are more blocky than a lego castle. But it's DDR so...

Sound: 10
You just can't say no to playing "Cartoon Heroes" even after playing two hours of it consecutively. You can? Well then, I just can't say no...

Value: 9
Best DDR made for PS2. Period. Comma. Semi-Colin. Period.

Reviewer's Tilt: 9
Best party game if you don't wanna humilate yourself by offending others with your singing voice.