Arguably the best American DDR home version.

User Rating: 8.9 | Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2
I'm a DDR player, who plays on heavy mode. I have been playing since January 2007, and can AA some songs on the arcade version (Sexy Planet From Nonstop Megamix, Mahou No Tobira, and Burnin' The Floor to be exact). Anyway, on with the review:

In my opinion, this is the best American DDR version released, ever. It has the best songlist (even better than DDRMAX, which I thought had a really good songlist), with songs such as Paranoia Survivor Max with it's crazy chart on Challenge/Oni, and Sakura with it's fun heavy steps. The graphics are nothing flashy, since it's a dance game, but the cel-shaded characters look good, as do the background videos. Some of the songs from this version, or songs from other mixes that appear on here, still have their background videos on SuperNOVA arcade version. Almost everything about DDR Extreme 2 is perfect, except for one thing: Dance Master Mode. It's the most annoying way to unlock songs, then again it's the only way. Why couldn't they just keep the traditional unlock system? Otherwise this game is perfect. I would say buy it. But don't buy the US PS2 version of DDR SuperNOVA, because it sucks. Get the Japanese PS2 of version of SuperNOVA instead of the US version.