The best dance game till now!

User Rating: 9 | Dance Central X360
There are so many dance games these days, but most of them fail and the ones which dont fail are still not good. But all that changes thanks to dance central and kinect.
This is the most accurate and most realistic dance game till now. All the moves have been carefully choreographed by real choreographers working at Harmonix. There are more than 35 songs available in the game and more could be downloaded for $3 each.
The graphics are a mixture of cartoons/reality with clothes, accessories and hair of the dancers moving as you move, well its just a pleasure to watch.
The gameplay could be pretty simple or pretty hard depends on the difficulty level of the song. All you have to do is mirror the dancer and follow the flash cards displayed on your right. The moves are really simple if you play it on easy, and really hard if you play it on medium or hard. If you play it on easy you might finish the game within a day or 2, If your playing it on hard it might take months well it depends on how good you are.
As you progress through the game, you unlock a second attire for the characters.
This game is also a great party game, I mean I have never danced before but I just couldn't resist when one of my friend invited me to play. It has a dance battle mode, in which 2 players show of there skills in a head-to-head battle. After each player's turn there is a funny freestyle moment where quick pictures are taken using the kinect's camera and displayed in fast motion, the freestyle also comes in solo mode after the 1st round of the song.
There is also a training mode called break it down, which is quite helpful if you want to learn the tough moves.
Overall, this is the most accurate and lag free kinect and dance game available to date. I really recommend this to all kinect owners and to everyone, even non-dancers.
- Innovative gameplay.
- Fun party game.
- Awesome freestyle moments.
- Visually impressive.
- Very accurate.
- No online or simultaneous multiplayer.