Put on your shoes, 'cause otherwise this game'll rock your socks off.

User Rating: 9 | Dance Central X360
To say that Dance Central is an amazingly fun rhythm based dancing game that's very hard to stop from day one is a dramatic understatement. Not only is the Kinect sensor's spotting dead-on as far as accuracy, like with Rock Band 3, I feel like I'm actually learning a skill, and as I said, it's incredible fun and next to impossible to put down.

In some cases, the best thing about it can also be the worst thing. The inability to stop playing. While it's incredibly fun, prolonged use without some form of Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin can start to make you constantly sore, especially in the knees while playing on hard mode.

The Good:
- Inability to stop playing (Very fun)
- Workouts are intense for calorie burning, but not too tiresome.
- Learning over 150 actual dance moves from expert choreographers

The Bad:
-Inability to stop playing (Joint pain, stock up on Motrin.)
-Somewhat hard to get the hang of in the beginning.

The Ugly:
-Feel weird free-styling

So all in all, I had to give this game a 9.0 It's incredibly fun, and a good use of the Kinect, but it's not quite perfect.