Dance to the beat with your friends because Dance Central is a rhythm game you'll have lots of fun with.

User Rating: 9 | Dance Central X360

My 88th review after Kinect Sports.

Wow, how fun can this be. This is great rhythm game with tons of music which can be fun at parties for friends. The only thing I don't like is the photo which is just plain stupid, but other than that, this game gets an A! Here the results:

Game-play 9/10: Can be fun at parties with multiple friends to dance to the beat.

Graphics 10/10: The graphics are super colorful!

Controls 8/10: No controllers needed!

Sound/Music 10/10: There's tons of great songs I like the list has in this game.

Lasting Appeal 9/10 Can be fun at parties, especially with multiple friends.

Overall, Dance Central is an awesome rhythm game I've played!

The Good:

-Dancing with friends which is a lot more fun

-Good list of songs I like

The Bad:

-The only thing I don't like about this game is the photo which is just plain weirdly stupid, that's one thing what annoys and bothers me

This is fun for friends and family. That's the end of my review. Good night everyone!

Dance Central gets a 9 out of 10!