The best terrible game I've ever played......

User Rating: 5.5 | Damnation X360
Damnation is an interesting concept that just did not have the time or money needed to bring it up to par with current gen games. Imagine smashing together Tomb raider and Gears of War and you basically get the idea behind Damnation. It's obvious from the get go that Damnations testers were asleep at the wheel with this one ,but the game can be saved. First go to the options menu and adjust the aiming sensitivity. Second, go to the cheats menu and enter PeoplePerson. This cheat allows you to play any character in the game. The reason this is important is because little to no work was put into the creation of the two main character models. The first is some sort of Marcus Fenox cowboy and the other is what I assume to be a gay mexican cowboy.

Once you choose a character to play your set to go. One odd detail to point out to all you perverts, including myself, is that though the game used it's scantly clad female character for promotion she falls short of Bloodrayne sexuality. This game could have actually benefited from booby physics to cover up many of it's pit falls. Developers often fail to understand that boobs aside, character models need to move. Whether it's hair, clothing, or crap on their belt, it makes the character seem alive. Damnation's characters don't even blink.

As you play you'll notice that the game isn't broken or all that bad, just very unpolished. You'll wish there where more enemies to shoot, or that said enemies where not so stupid, but the acrobatic puzzles are actually fairly well done. They borrow as much from Tomb Raider as the games menu's steal from Gears of War. The game currently fetches $40 new which is a bit stiff, but when the game drops to $20 you may give it a try.