Damnation is one of those games with a great concept and a lot of potential, gone horribly wrong. Sadly.

User Rating: 2.5 | Damnation PS3
This game is so bad, it's framerate is terrible. Gameplay is disappointing and could have been better. Storyline is bland and you will not be sucked in and as if that's not enough, the graphics are just bad and makes the Unreal Engine v3 look bad when in fact, it isn't. Unreal Engine works well if you take you time in making the game and if you've made a release date, delay it for all we care: The game needs to be good.

Presentation: Awful. Just... just awful.

Graphics: Does polish mean nothing? Delay, we wouldn't have cared. The game idea was great, described as Prince of Persia meets Gears of War. Something that sounds so good ended up being so terrible.

Gameplay: Perhaps the only good thing about this entire game... It's tolerable at best.

Sound: The sound is decent at best, and the voice acting is cheesy.

Lasting Appeal: You won't even want to beat the story and the multiplayer is practically non-existent, no one plays.