The title say's it all

User Rating: 1 | Damnation X360
15 minutes into the game and I had to stop. I would rather have watched a Uwe Boll movie than continued to play this game. I took it out of my Xbox 360 put it in the case and haven't touched it since and when i get a chance am going to trade it in. The first major problem are the graphics. With most of the current next-gen games boasting amazing graphics, Damnation would look better on an N64. Aside from graphics, the voice acting is atrocious and the lines the characters speak are very cliche. So all in all this game is quite possibly winner of Worst Game of the Year. In terms of difficulty it is very hard...Very hard to play that is...The game is classified as shooter but in the first level I did more jumping of walls and climbing pipes that I thought the game was actually a platformer. I was one of the people who thought the game was going to be amazing and when i played it, I would have rather slit my wrists and watch myself bleed to death than play the game.