The mod that plays on "Gears of War" field and seriously pretends a retail price game. Denied.

User Rating: 6 | Damnation PC
When i heard, that some mod-developers won in competition with their "Damnation" it was curious news. Next i saw first hands-on about "Damnation", that take place in steam-punk setting - that is rare nowdays. So i've been waiting until "Damnation" release, and wished it luck.

But when i tried it... It'd disappointed me in several hours of playing.
1) The first look was like - it's "GOW" with some changed models and textures.
2) Story is full with senseless chit-chat and has very blurred main idea.
3) Models of main heroes has poor motion capture animation (especially main hero, who doesn't even blink).
4) Enemies are often retarded in close fights and wait for 2-3 seconds before attack.
5) Jumping and parkour looks terrible (especially compare to "Mirror's Edge" or "Assassin's Creed", or even "Tomb Raider: Underworld"). Heroes, that look very solid, has no feel of weight and so they can fly a very long distances like a light pillows.
This are base lacks of this game. The rest you'll probably see in review.
from "Gamespot" editors.

Some piece of advice: if you're hungry for some "GOW" stylised game - it's not a good choice. You'd better to choose from the ones, that are made by professionals. If you like steam-punk style - "Arcanum" is much better alternative to this damnation.

Subjective score: 6
(based on personal preferences)

Objective score: 6.5 - 7
(abstractedly with criticism)