I want 10 hours or less of my life back.

User Rating: 1 | Damnation X360
This game was...well...awful. I always try to see the best of all my games but this one had very few good points and by very few, I mean 1.

The graphics make me want to cry. They are always brown and murky, and maybe if you are lucky you see a dark blue in there maybe once or twice in the whole game.

Gameplay is pretty bad due to the fact the controller feels clunky an you run way to fast. The enemies who have the same guns and abilities as you is unbelievable, does this mean all people in the alternate timeline that is the game are free running, gun shooting soliders who take drugs?

Multiplayer is the worst aspect of this game as it feels like a extended part of campaign with their boring maps and objectives

But as i mentioned there is one good thing about this game and that is...you get a revolver. Yeah thats it...your crappiest gun looks good.

Dont buy this game unless you want your fragile minds to be forever destroyed in the pit of foul and rejected binary commands that is Damnation.