alot of good vibes but they just fail to do so and think copying other games is the solution.

User Rating: 4.5 | Damnation PS3
judgeing by the box you may think its a very cool western type game,now the history of this game now the company of this game said that it sucked so bad that they fired the people that were working on the game,now back to the review the game isnt half bad it does get a little repetivite at some point of no return type deals,and the graphics and voice acting does suck i got to admit the voice acting is by far the worst iev heard so far,now the game set off on as you trying to stop an evil goier type deals i really cant rember but there something about this game thats just not that bad as some say it does but it has a arcade type fell like on of the older ninja gadien gaam e and half of the uncharted series which inn my perspective is very sad for a company that haas a gameing license to do almost anything they want in a game but they failed and tried copy writeing some other games and such,the shooting technology isnt that bad but when little things are in the way and your trying to shoot and it miss and hits the wall that is kindev imbarassing to watch but none the less it has alot of good poetitials they just fail to use is all,so if your look for a game thats in you buget and thinnk this is good then think again youll be breaking you remote and cuseing at the tv in no time