An extremely promising game concept that goes down in flames when it becomes real.

User Rating: 2.5 | Damnation PC
Damnation is a steam-punk game. Just for that it deserves good points. Steam-punk genre games are way too rare. The idea of Damnation was brilliant: climbing all over, steam-punk based firearms, a whole new world which for once was set outside the Victorian context.

And then there's bringing this concept in these ideas into the game... Fail. Yup, it's a huge fail. And I prayed to the gaming God this game would be great, it had all to be great but no... No, the game studio failed and brought it lower than anything imaginable.

The graphics are buggy, the physix engine is unimaginably bad, and for this game, you needed a smooth gameplay and a great physix engine. You needed to be able to jump about, climb up walls without having constant clipping issues, graphic bugs, physix problems, and the oh so many control issues.

This game is just a ball of frustration that will lead you to become so tense that you'll need to go to subscribe to a daily massage plan.

Seriously, disappointment is ahead. I haven't even had time to get into the story. The characters are so buggy, badly animated and have such poor voice acting that I couldn't even try.

A let down for steam-punk...