Supply drops?

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Uhmmm...they don't work. I've played the game through on ace difficulty to the resupply mission, so odds are very good that I'm not simply missing the little village on the hill and dropping too far away. I can't get the bomb reticle to light up on target, and dropping the supply crate apparently does nothing...also, holding down the ordnance button for the ordnance camera makes the game glitch and/or lock up, so that's no good.

I've tried dive-bombing the supplies in, low and slow drops, everything that I can think of. Is this part of the game just broken? I'm offline, so am I missing an update?

Any help would be appreciated, as even though this is the most broken flight combat game I've ever played I'd still like to finish it least the stick is fun...

Thanks in advance!

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my friend,i've already finish the game,but didn't have any difficulties at the level you mentioned,u just need to drop it near the place with boxes and tents,but if you still have problems i can give you my game-saves if you like,so you'll able to skip the the level and proceed next mission.good luck