The Ultimate Mecha Showdown!

User Rating: 10 | Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha: Shuuen no Ginga e PS2
Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 has such a huge mecha selection.. if you like mecha anime i'm sure you will love this game.. With so many characters from different mecha anime such as Gundam Wing,Gundam Seed, Gaogaigar Final,Virtual On,Daimos and many more.. Apart from standard one-on-one duels, you can organize your robots into 4 robot teams fighting together as a unit. Super Robot Taisen Series are fun to play.. some of the attacks are just so amazing its almost worth buying the game just to see them especially some of the things the GaoGaiGar can throw out. if you are looking for a mecha game.. then Super Robot Taisen games are the game to get..

During battle, the player chooses a unit and takes an action by the commands available (move, attack an enemy unit, use a unit's ability or power, etc). Some units have unique characteristics: for example, units such as the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam have the ability to transform from a humanoid mode to a vehicular mode, thus making them unique among other units that cannot transform or fly; or, in the case of units such as the Getter Robo, it can transform into different robotic forms with new weapons and different defensive attributes.

Many games also feature "Skill Points" (Battle Masteries, in the North American localizations), optional goals that are more challenging to achieve, that affect the game's overall difficulty. After the player accomplishes the stage's goal, more dialogue between characters closes out the stage, before the player is taken to an intermission menu. From there, units can be upgraded, optional parts installed, change or upgrade pilots' stats and skills, save, and perform other maintenance actions before the player continues on with the game.

Voice acting provided by Japanese seiyuu from each anime series would accompany the animations, and some games contain CG mini-movies, depicting a certain mecha's dramatic appearance and/or transformation during the stage. games also feature hidden units and characters that can only be gained through a special sequence of events. These include following one specific series' plot, convincing a certain enemy multiple times, defeating certain enemies with certain characters, and others. Sometimes the bonuses are simply enemy machines captured and handed over to the heroes, while other times, they are special units, such as the IWSP Pack for the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam.

SRW games are import friendly if you just study the commands..