Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Hakai-hen Cheats For PSP

  1. Secret Units *SPOILERS*

    By completing the following steps, secret units can be recruited. (NOTE: If you do not fulfill the conditions for Holland's Terminus 303 SP Booster, he will still rejoin your party with the normal Terminus 303.)

    During Stage 35 (Celestial Being), you will be given a choice on who to let into Alto's cockpit: Sheryl or Ranka. Choose either one. Alto's VF-25F Tornado Pack (STEP 1)
    During Stage 38, you will be given the choice again. Choose the same person as last time. Alto's VF-25F Tornado Pack (STEP 2)
    Alto must have a kill count of 70 or higher before he enters the Vajra Nest in the middle of Stage 45. Alto's VF-25F Tornado Pack (STEP 3)
    In the prologue battle to Stage 39, have each allied unit defeat at least one enemy each. Chirico's Scopedog TC-ISS (STEP 1)
    During the main battle of Stage 39, Chirico must defeat Ipsilon (white haired young man). He will run when his HP falls below 8000. Chirico's Scopedog TC-ISS (STEP 2)
    Chirico must have a kill count of 70 or higher before the end of Stage 39. Chirico's Scopedog TC-ISS (STEP 3)
    Holland must have a kill count of 50 or higher before he leaves the party in the middle of Stage 33. You will recieve the unit later, during Stage 49. Holland's Terminus 303 SP Booster
    During the route split that covers Stage 34 to Stage 36, you will fight Marguerite (blonde woman). Defeat her with Crowe. Marguerite's Pearl Nail (STEP 1)
    During Stage 42 (Earth) or Stage 43 (Space), either convince or defeat Marguerite with Crowe. Either one is fine as long as Crowe does it. Marguerite's Pearl Nail (STEP 2)
    If you completed the previous steps, Marguerite will join you, with her Pearl Nail mech, during Stage 49 after either she or Schwar is defeated. Marguerite's Pearl Nail (STEP 3)

    Contributed by: MegaMario1000 

  2. Hidden Equipment Items

    You can gain additional items by doing certain things during certain stages. (NOTE: In order to obtain the Mark of the Brave, you must also have Takeru (piloting Godmars) attack Rose (green haired woman) during Stage 41 at least once, but defeating her with Takeru is not required.)

    During Stage 13, move Crowe (piloting Blaster) to the bottom right of the satellite tower. Auto-Repair Machine (10% HP Regen)
    Lockon must have a kill count of 70 or higher before the end of Stage 48. Haro (+2 Move Range, +25 Evasion, +25 Accuracy, +1 Attack Range)
    During both Stage 31 and Stage 41, Takeru (piloting Godmars) must convince Marg (green haired man) and then defeat him. Mark of the Brave (+25 Evasion, +25 Accuracy, +25 Critical Chance, +200 Defense)
    During Stage 41, move Kouji (piloting Mazinger Z) to the middle of the three buildings surrounded by forest. Super Alloy Z (+1200 Max HP, +250 Defense, 10% EN Regen)
    During Stage 30, move Crowe (piloting Blaster) to the panel where Zenitori (bald man) was. (13 right and 6 up from the bottom left corner of the map) Super Repair Kit (Refill all HP, EN, and Ammo once per battle.)
    Suzaku must have a kill count of 40 or higher before the end of Stage 33. Yggdrasil Drive (+150 Max EN)

    Contributed by: MegaMario1000